General Information on Trademarks

A trademark can protect the name of an enterprise, a product and a service as well as slogans and the like. Besides word marks and figurative marks, modern types of marks can be registered, e.g. sound marks or the shape or packing of goods. A trademark application provides the advantage that a register defines who is proprietor of the trademark and therefore entitled to use the trademark.

Provided that the renewal fees are paid, a trademark protection can be extended as long as desired.

Types of Marks

Beside the classical word marks and figurative marks, further types of marks are available. These include sound marks by which a sound sequence, a jingle and/or a slogan can be protected. It is also possible to protect the shape of goods and packing of goods as long as the shape does not result from the nature of the goods, the shape is not necessary to obtain a technical result or the shape does not give the good a substantial value.